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Xiaoman talk about Wheat


May 21, Xiaoman today.

Little full, little full, grain gradually fu


"Yueling 72 Hou Ji Jie" says: "in April, when things are small and full, things are small and full here."

At this time, the grain of wheat and other summer crops in northern China has begun to plump, but it has not yet matured, which is about the late milk stage, so it is called Xiaoman.

Wheat to the day and night yellow, three days of the Xiaoman looking at wheat yellow, small full of ten days full of yellow.


Xiaoman, the second solar term in summer, is also the fastest warming solar term in summer. Before Xiaoman, before the summer solstice, the wheat is ripe and the harvest is around the corner.

~Wheat and color sorter~

2021 new wheat attracts attention


 New wheat is coming into the market more and more recently, and the weather is crucial to wheat quality and yield. However, in recent years, there has been a lot of precipitation, heavy precipitation, bad weather affected the quality of new wheat, and scab and stripe rust appeared in some areas.


~Science and technology to help farmers and relieve worries for the people~

Fusarium head blight, also known as "wheat cancer", is one of the three major diseases of wheat including stripe rust and powdery mildew.


In order to produce high-quality flour, the impurities in wheat must be completely removed. However, ordinary cleaning equipment can only remove the general impurities, but can not remove the black impurities, moldy grains, diseased grains and other imperfect grains in wheat. Therefore, the conditional milling enterprises or grain purchasing stations must increase the color separation process, and use the intelligent color separator to remove the black impurities, moldy grains, diseased grains and other imperfect grains in wheat, so as to reduce the possibility of harmful substances entering the flour, so as to improve the product grade and make the product competitive in the market.


‘arimidex’2021 wheat color sorter

core technology

AI intelligent algorithm   2021paragraph

坚果炒货 初版_clip.gif

High definition image acquisition system   2021款


Intelligent dimming system of light source  2021款


High frequency intelligent control solenoid valve     2021款

坚果炒货 初版_clip2.gif

Equipped with new smart chip    2021款

坚果炒货 初版_clip6.gif

Expandable multi-dimensional camera    2021款

坚果炒货 初版_clip3.gif

Xiaoman is warm

It's neither hot nor cold

New wheat harvest is coming

‘arimidex’2021 wheat color sorter

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