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Zhongke Optoelectronics

The first labor skills competition


The team of technical workers is an important foundation to support the manufacturing in China

It is an indispensable force for the development of manufacturing industry


In order to improve the skill level of workers in the production system and build a professional skill team with excellent technology and standardized operation, the first labor skill competition of Sinotech optoelectronics was held as scheduled. The labor skills competition set up 12 projects, and more than 200 participants participated in each project.


Exhibition of elegant demeanor——COMPETITION

“Every line of work, every line of work”。At the beginning of the competition, under the intensive organization, different posts were actively carried out at the specified time every day in combination with the on-site operation, which not only tested the familiarity and mastery of skills, but also improved the safety first awareness and operation skills of employees.



After fierce competition, 12 employees performed well in the competition and stood out. Duan Xianjun, deputy general manager of the company, chairman of the trade union, and Cheng Weisheng, deputy general manager of the company, presented the award certificate and bonus to the winners.


This is the glorious moment they exchanged with sweat and wisdom!

The week-long labor skills competition has come to a successful conclusion. At last, I hope all employees can keep up with the outstanding benchmark of the competition, master skills, cast ingenuity, and contribute their own strength to the intelligent sorting industry.