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Caring for employees and repaying society Dare to play the role of casting brand

Near July 1

Anhui Zhongke Optoelectronics to carry out a series of theme activities

Caring for employees  Return to the society

Salute the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with actions

2021 staff congress 

work and pull together benefit by mutual discussion

On June 18, China Science and technology optoelectronics held the 2021 annual staff representative and trade union member congress. More than 40 members of the trade union committee, workers and representatives of trade union members gathered together to brainstorm.


At the meeting, all representatives listened to the 2020 annual report of the chairman of the trade union, learned the knowledge of the trade union, deliberated on relevant systems, discussed the representative's proposals and elected members of the new trade union committee.


On the same day, the trade union committee also launched the "2021 green travel inclusive care action for trade union members" and the "aid Xinjiang agriculture" fruit tasting and charity sale activities in Xinjiang.


Cool in hot summer  

Love and love

The heat of summer is unbearable. Zhongke optoelectronics not only does a good job in heatstroke prevention for employees, but also gives cool and care to front-line medical staff and police officers working outdoors.


During the visit, the Secretary of the Party branch and the chairman of the trade union of China Science and technology optoelectronics led the team to deliver the fruits to the community inoculation point of Xinguan vaccine dyeing workshop in Feixi County, the urban management and law enforcement office of Taohua Town, the police station of Taohua town and the nursing home for the elderly. In the hot summer, they sent some cool fruits to express their heartfelt thanks to the front-line staff. I hope that the comrades will pay attention to the combination of work and rest while completing their work Physical and mental health.

In the past 20 years, the development achievements of China Science and technology optoelectronics are inseparable from the care and support of all sectors of the society. It is the social forces that have made today's China Science and technology optoelectronics. We actively take on the social responsibility and offer the enterprise love. In order to achieve the common goal of social harmony, civilization and progress, we should actively play the light and heat, and shoulder the mission and responsibility entrusted to us by this era.

Zhongke Optoelectronics&Hefei Polytechnic University

 School enterprise exchange to promote development

In order to further promote school enterprise cooperation and deepen the integration of industry, University and research, more than 100 teachers and students from the school of mechanical engineering of Hefei University of technology visited Sinotech optoelectronics on June 18.


The teachers and students visited the company's exhibition hall, product demonstration, production workshop and so on. Through on-site narration and exchange, the students had a deeper understanding of Zhongke optoelectronics and felt the enterprise culture and working atmosphere of Zhongke optoelectronics.


The exchange between school and enterprise broadens students' vision, deepens students' understanding of enterprise production, helps students find the best combination of theory and practice, promotes the growth and development of talents, and realizes win-win cooperation between school and enterprise.

Remain true to our original aspiration  Shoulder the mission bravely

Stick to the original intention and continue to stride forward!