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The major scientific and technological project of Zhongke Optoelectronics passed the acceptance, and the intelligent dry separation technology of coal gangue has reached a new level

Zhongke Optoelectronics successfully completed the major special projects of science and technology in Anhui Province

"Research and Demonstration of Key Technology and Equipment for High Efficiency Photoelectric Separation of Coal Gangue"

Successfully passed the project acceptance

▲Project acceptance meeting site

On December 12, 2021, Anhui Science and Technology Major Special Project "Research on Key Technologies and Equipment for High-efficiency Photoelectric Separation of Coal Ganges" undertaken by Anhui University of Science and Technology, Anhui Zhongke Photoelectric Color Separation Machinery Co., Ltd., and Huainan Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. and Demonstration" (No.: 19030901049) acceptance meeting was held. According to relevant regulations, the participating experts listened to the report of the project undertaking unit on the completion of the project, reviewed the acceptance materials, and conducted an on-site inspection of the project site. After inquiries and serious discussions by the expert group, it was finally determined that the project has completed the various assessment indicators agreed in the contract, and the acceptance expert group unanimously agreed that the project passed the acceptance.

▲Project acceptance meeting on-site report

This project proposes a multi-scale, multi-component and modularized photoelectric separation method for coal gangue, develops an intelligent multi-channel high-speed parallel identification technology, overcomes the difficulties of precise positioning and efficient separation of fast-energy air jets, and develops coal gangue. High-efficiency photoelectric sorting equipment, many achievements are innovative. After field application and demonstration, the effect is good. It is conducive to the implementation of the national "carbon neutrality" strategy, and will form a good driving effect for the green development of the coal energy industry.

Current Situation and Prospects of Coal Industry

In my country, the coal industry is a relatively special industry, not only in the fact that it provides more than 60% of the foundation and pillar energy security for my country's economic and social development, but also the pillar industry of the country's industry for a long time, the transformation and upgrading of the coal industry It can be said that it plays an important role in the overall industrial upgrading of our country.

In recent years, under the trend of environmental protection, coal enterprises will adopt environmental protection equipment, develop clean coal and reduce environmental pollution. Facing the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and grasping the development opportunities of the industry, Zhongke Optoelectronics has made full efforts in the field of coal sorting. Select to generate income!


Zhongke Optoelectronics ICS Coal Intelligent Dry Separator is a sorting equipment that integrates X-ray imaging, pneumatic removal and big data processing technology to deeply identify different coal qualities, and automatically discharge gangue and impurities. It is suitable for 800-6mm particle size coal. Selection, green, efficient and intelligent, truly realize the creation of benefits in sorting!

Improve the comprehensive utilization rate of coal

    The rate of gangue discharge>97%, the rate of coal carrying in the gangue<1%

Energy saving and consumption reduction, significant benefits

     No water, no medium, no slime, low operating cost

Replace labor and reduce accidents

    The system is highly automated and can be unattended

Wide range of particle size, flexible application

    The particle size supports 800-6mm, and the processing capacity of a single unit can reach 300t/h

Compared with the traditional coal preparation method, the separation accuracy is close to that of the heavy medium shallow groove separator, and higher than that of the moving screen, jigging and other dry separation equipment. Low cost and energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance, not affected by coal or gangue surface attachments and humidity, no water, no environmental pollution, etc., are more conducive to the construction of smart green mines, and provide effective coal gangue sorting. The technical solution has broad development prospects.